January 7, 2012


This is Victim Blaming 101: It’s YOUR fault he abused you! It’s YOUR fault you’re miserable! It’s YOUR fault you can’t find a man.

And she’s basing this asinine rhetoric off of portrayals of Black women in movies and badly-written “urban” literature? She admits this fact, but continues to cast judgement on her “fellow Black women” as if this portrayal is somehow a monolithic representation of how ALL Black women and men are. She’s contradicting herself. She says she hates the stereotypical portrayals of Blacks in movies/television/books, but based her entire argument off of that portrayal. Girl. Sit down.

Please, tell this woman—who is operating from a position of “lightskin privilege”, and therefore doesn’t really have to go through most of the struggles her darker counterparts have to—to sit down. The fucking arrogance of this chick is astounding.

I don’t know about all my fellow Black women, but I’m quite tired of people trying to tell US why we’re single, why we’re this, or why we’re that. The Black woman’s life is not a case study for you to pick at and speculate about, and it’s asinine rhetoric like this that perpetuates the victim-blaming rape culture of society constantly ostracizing and subsequently persecuting Black women whether it be via microaggressions or blatant misogyny.

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    This woman is delusional to the highest extent. I can’t even…. everything that was stated above was perfect. I love that...
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    ^ Yep. This. Preach.
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    Women like this piss me the fuck off. It’s like they want to be seen in some special sparkly light of “I am not like the...
  7. smidgetz said: i cannot embrace women like this at all. at all. at all. there is no embracing these thoughts to me at all. goddamn she bought up waiting to exhale, i want to cut her, can i? please?
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